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 Our Story

Jimmy Wonderland began in the early 2020s as an art printing company based in Hong Kong. Over time, it evolved into other areas of printing, starting with printing on various fine art papers and art production. While Jimmy Wonderland continued to provide quality canvas prints for brands, Jimmy Wonderland became known in various sectors of the fine art market for its giclee print production.

The company continued to evolve and add to its services custom framing and prints on other forms of media. Jimmy Wonderland became widely associated with both small (single order) print fulfillment for hundreds of artists and photographers while also providing high volume print and production services for the international market.

Through a streamlined approach to printing, manufacturing, and order fulfillment, Jimmy Wonderland has become a major professional printer in the fine art industry in Hong Kong.

Some companies leave you with a feeling that your prints are going to be only as good as your file, with no help in getting the quality you want. Jimmy Wonderland is different in that we are a strong proponent of helping our clients get the most accurate fine art and canvas prints possible.

We have been able to demonstrate an understanding and practice of producing prints with incredible accuracy using the latest in digital printing technology and fine art paper giclee prints. This allows us to meet the standards set by the most demanding artists, photographers, and luxury brands.